Dension Corporate History

Dension was established in 2001 by two engineers (brothers actually) with the intention to produce hard disk drive based MP3 players for in-car use. It was a world novelty for the most commonly used solution of the time was the CD-player. The first model was the DMP3 (October 2001), which had a 3.5” HDD built in. Then came the DMP3-C with a 2.5” HDD, which was the first such product ever to have the HDD in a removable cartridge.


By the fall of 2003 became the first company to connect the very popular Apple iPod to the car systems of the time (ICE>Link series). This made the ease of use and the high fidelity sound the iPods are known for available through the original sound system and the control surface of the car.


The iPod integration shortly became the subject of increased attention, thus the company revised its focus and redesigned its product line. Based on the communication method used by CD-Changers, Dension developed a wide range of interfaces for various car brands and models. In 2005 the company stepped up the feature set by launching the Dension Gateway series, which was capable of handling multiple devices, including mp3-playback from a USB-connected flash drive.


2007 brought an expansion in the product line again. Now the Gateway devices became capable of conducting handsfree mobile calls via Bluetooth, and you could not only listen to music from your iPod but also watch videos on selected configurations. The intense product development enabled broadening of the range of supported vehicles, and the products did not advance in quality alone, but feature set also.


Due to the success of its product line, Dension is now one of the market leaders for in-car entertainment solutions. As of now the company offers a solution for basically all cars used on the European market, from the simple solutions to the most sophisticated, fiber-optical systems (MOST™). The Dension products are purchased and installed by car manufacturers (OEM-solutions) and their accessories networks, but are also distributed as Dension branded products through a vast network of resellers (Aftermarket solutions). The latter are then fitted by independent installers.


In 2008 we have relocated our production facilities to Pásztó, which is 80 kilometers North from Budapest. The facility constructed here is the site for our logistics center, warehouse, and the production itself. All of our products are manufactured and assembled here – including cable production, PCB-mounting, and testing. Our Budapest Head Quarters is the center for our sales and administration divisions, but our developers are also seated here, always thriving to explore new solutions and to improve products.


In 2015 two other companies were merged into Dension Audio Systems Ltd. The Dension Signage Ltd, the Dension Broadband Ltd and the Dension Audio System Ltd now operates under the name of Dension Ltd. This move allowed us to join our resources and experiences from different fields and together venture to new business areas. In the past one year we have developed new products like Bluetooth LED controllers, car analytics solutions, professional touchscreen mirrors and many others. In the future we plan to expand these new areas even further.